Planning a Foray

Organizing a Foray weekend can be formidable task, especially for newbies; however, it is manageable and can even be an enjoyable group effort if you know what to do.  The biggest worry is “Have I overlooked something?”.  It helps lot to have attended a Foray, but even with this experience, you will soon find many little things that attendees are not aware of.  This set of documents aims to alleviate these concerns, to avoid some pitfalls and to avoid investing a lot of effort “reinventing the wheel”  for each foray.

In utilizing these documents, it is important to realize that “one size does not fit all” , so adjustments or or fine-tuning is needed for each foray.  

General advice-  talk with previous organizers and look at previous foray documents.

Also, this foray organizing protocol is a work in progress, so please help to improve it.  Indeed, many have already contributed to it. At the same time, it is important not to ge overly detailed and cumbersome; keep it simple and clear.

Index with hyperlinks to the documents:

            Foray organizing timetable

            Past Spring Forays and Fall Meetings

            Food and Accommodations Committee Guidelines

            Field trip organizer worksheet

            Field trip leader guidelines

            Field trip facilitator guidelines

            Field trip staging guidelines

            Booklet action checklist

            Foray scholarship announcement

            Foray scholarship application form

If you have suggestions for revisions, please send them by e-mail or post to:

Larry Noodén
Biology Dept.
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI  49109-1048