Forays and Meetings

Presentations and Field Trips

The Michigan Botanical Club sponsors dozens of presentations and programs throughout the year. Chapter meetings include presentation about botanical research, photography, conservation and other topics of interest to native plant enthusiasts. These presentations are usually offered free of charge and are open to the public. A rich variety of field trips are offered as well, highlighting some of the truly unique natural areas in Michigan and the surrounding regions. These field trips are usually open to the general public, but at times forays into sensitive areas will have their access limited to members. We have programs geared towards feeding inquisitive minds at all levels. Occasionally, we will offer joint programs and field trips with other clubs and organizations that have similar missions. Check out the chapter pages for programs in your area.


At the state level we offer several major programs each year. These meetings are called Forays, and they are typically focused on a discrete region, often just a couple of counties. These areas are chosen for rich and unique habitat and flora. The program offerings at these meetings is very heavily weighted towards field trips, and the trip leaders are often researchers who have spent significant time working in the destination.

Annual Foray

This is the big event for our club, and it is the largest gathering of veteran Michigan Botanists. Held tradionally every year over the Memorial Day weekend, the location varies from year as each chapter takes a turn hosting the foray. This event features three days of field trips, and evening presentations by some of the best and most accomplished Botanists in the region. Due to the size of this event, there is a modest charge for these programs; club membership is also required. Field trips are offered in a variety of difficulty levels, meals are offered, and we are able to provide discounted accommodations at local hotels.

The 2019 Foray will be on the campus of NMU at Marquette MI, July 12-15.

Click here for information about past Spring forays.


Mini-forays are occasionally held later in the growing season. These are combined with the State Board meetings and are open to all members. The next one is October 5, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, at Historic Charlton Park, near Hastings.

Annual Fall Meetings:

These are held in the Fall. The officers meet, a presentation is given and a field trip follows. This gives members a chance to meet members from other chapters and the governing board to meet.


Hymenoxis acaulis

Hymenoxis acaulis