Michigan Botanical Club - Great Lakes Chapter

The Great Lakes Chapter serves a diverse group of amateur and professional botanists throughout Michigan and the surrounding states in the Great Lakes region. We have members in Canada, and several States beyond the Great Lakes area. Members typically join GLC to subscribe to our peer-reviewed journal,  "The Great Lakes Botanist a Journal of North American Botany, which is published twice a year.  Your membership also includes a subscription to the spring and fall newsletter, the "Arisaema".   Members are invited to attend the Summer Botanical Foray, which is  a weekend event of field trips, lectures, and workshops focused on the botanical features of the area. This year's Foray will be held July 12-15 on the Northern Michgian University campus, Marquette, MI.  Details of the foray can be found on the Forays and Meetings page.

A limited number of Student Foray Sponsorships will be available to assist students in attending the Foray.  The Award covers costs of registration, food, lodging for 3 nights, and a choice of outstanding field trips and lectures during the weekend. If you would like to apply for the Sponsorship, please complete the following Application before June 1, 2019.

Join the Great Lake Chapter — A Membership Form can be completed and submitted online by visiting this link (click here) or you can download and mail in the form by clicking   GLC Membership Form.  

Michigan Botanists’ Big Year 2019 — All Great Lakes Chapter members are invited to join this year's online Cyber Foray events using the iNaturalist online database.  Participants can share plant observations and photos taken throughout the State of Michigan.  At the end of the year we’ll tally the results and share some interesting findings.  Simply log into Michigan Botanist's Big Year 2019 on the iNaturalist webpage and begin sharing you botanical findings. Observations made in Michigan and submitted to iNaturalist automatically become part of the Cyber Foray. You do not need to add them to the project. Just submit to iNaturalist and go! However, to follow along and receive updates to your iNaturalist account, you will need to join the project (here is how). You can contact Derek Shiels at derek@landtrust.org with questions.  We hope you enjoy this new way to learn and share your botanical findings.

If you'd like to explore last year's observations visit: Great Lakes Chapter Cyber Foray 2018.  There were 44062 plant observations of 2563 species.  Congratulations to Joseph Kurtz who submitted the most plant observations for the year.

Michigan State University Herbarium Tour and Baker Woodlot Recap of May 4th, 2019

Springtime at MSU campus

Springtime at MSU campus

Blue skies and warm temperatures welcomed us to the MSU campus. There were 23 attendes from a variety of nature groups who were greeted to an indepth tour of the MSU Herbarium led by Matt Chansler, Assistant Curartor. Several archived plants from the 1800’s were on display and we were given a chance to see the historical collecton of Emma Cole’s 1901 Grand Rapids Flora (see article in The Great Lakes Botanist Vol 56). We then proceeded with a trail walk through the north section of Baker Wood lot where a carpet of Clatonia virginica (spring beauty) cover the forest floor. David Rothstein, Professor of Forestry and Ecology highlighted the variety of upland trees in this largly maple-oak-beech forsest segment. It was a perfect day to enjoy the gifts of nature and well worth a return visit. Below is Matt Chansler highlighting some of the MSU Herbarium Collection and David Rothstein giving a tour of Baker Woodlot.

Congratulations to Ethan Jacobs, Recipient of the 2019 Student Foray Award !!!  

The Great Lake Chapter is very pleased to announce that Ethan Jacobs, a senior student at Central Michigan Universtiy, was awarded the 2019 Joan Robb Student Foray Award to attend this year’s Spring Foray held at Marquette, MI. Ethan is enrolled in the Biology:Evolution, Ecology, and Conservation program at CMU and is studying plant pathology and ecology. As part of the Foray Award, Ethan received a 3-night stay on the campus of Northern Michgain University and a choice of several field trips and lectures offered throughout the weekend. We thank the Michigan Botanical Foundation and your donations for providing financial support in making the awards program possible.  


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As you travel along the Great Lakes, take a look at one of the many botanical and native plant organizations that offer field trips, booklets, maps, workshops and interesting places to visit.   If you would like to have your event listed or know of a great place to botanize, please email the Content Manager .  

Officers and Directors: A list of all the current officers and directors can be found here,  If you are interested in becoming more involved with the GLC activities, please contact any of the Officers or Directors.