Enjoy guided field trips with botanical experts!

Enjoy guided field trips with botanical experts!

We are a diverse group open to anyone interested in the objectives and the functions of the Michigan Botanical Club. Amateurs and professionals of all ages are welcome. Your membership will support the Club in its important program to conserve and to protect native flora and the natural resources of the state and the nation.

Membership in the Michigan Botanical Club is handled through local chapters.

Chapter Membership

Most activity is centered in the Chapters. During the non-growing season, Chapters hold meetings with interesting speakers and presentations, and social activities. During the growing season (and sometimes other times) Chapters have organized field trips to preserves. Because of the sensitive nature of some of these areas, field trips are only open to current members. 

Huron Valley Chapter: Southeast Michigan outside of Detroit Metro area

Great Lake Chapter:  Northern and Mid-Michigan, as well as neighboring States in the Great Lakes area.  Canadian residents and other US States are also include. 

Southeastern Chapter:  Detroit Metro Area, Monroe County,

Southwestern Chapter: Southwest corner of Michigan

White Pine Chapter: Grand Rapids and Western Michigan

Each chapter has its own dues and membership forms.  Please print out the form and send a check (U.S. funds) to the person listed on the form. You can also inquire about membership at any of the scheduled meetings of the chapters.

Statewide Club Activities

The State board holds two meetings a year. All members are invited to attend state board meetings. After the meeting, a field trip is held to explore a nearby area. Chapters host the state board meetings. 

Mini-forays: A mini-foray is a day long event exploring a natural area. These are not scheduled on a regular basis, but are held occasionally.

Annual Foray: Once a year, a three day event of speakers, field trips, and social activities is held, usually on Memorial Day Weekend. The Foray is only open to current members and may have a cap on the number of registrants. Field trips are led by experts and are a guided tour of unique high-quality natural areas. 

Membership Benefits

As a member, you will receive the following publications and benefits:

  • The Great Lakes Botanist, a journal of North American botany
  • Arisaema, the bi-annual club newsletter
  • Local chapter newsletter (with chapter membership)
  • Activities at the local and state level
  • Membership in a local chapter (optional)

Membership in the Michigan Botanical Club is open to anyone interested in its aims:

  • Conservation of all native plants.
  • Education of the public to appreciate and preserve plant life.
  • Sponsorship of research and publication on the plant life of the State.
  • Sponsorship of legislation to promote preservation of Michigan native flora.
  • Establishment of suitable sanctuaries and natural areas.
  • Cooperation in programs concerned with the use and conservation of all natural resources and scenic features.