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Gourdneck State Game Area Master Plan

Prime collecting spot for the Hanes and WMU Biology group. This SGA consists of four separate units. Although physically disjunct, they share many of the same cover types, including oak, mixed upland deciduous, herbaceous openland and various wetland types. The two northern units are hillier than the rest and contain parts of Hampton Creek and Hampton Lake. These units also contain several stands of planted pine trees. The US-131 unit consists of oak forest and grassland as well as lowland deciduous forest and associated wetlands. This unit also contains parts of Mud, Sugarloaf and Little Sugarloaf Lakes.

Texas Township Hydrology Report 2018

Due to high waters levels at Eagle and Crooked Lakes the township will initiate a pumping procedure to move water out of the lakes into the Portage Watershed via Bass Lake and Al Sabo. Report done by Prein & Newhof is interesting reading about hydrology, the watershed, homeowner considerations.