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Learning from Restoration with Nate Fuller

Michigan Botanical Club – Southwest Chapter

February 18, 2019 @ 7:00 PM

Peoples Church, 1758 10th St. N

(Socializing begins at 6:30)



Learning from Restoration by Nate Fuller

SWMLC has been actively restoring natural communities on its preserves for many years and Nate Fuller is excited to share some of their most recent projects and what they are learning from their efforts. From hand-sown lupine at the Chipman Preserve, to stream restorations at Hidden Pond and Black River Preserves, to savanna and fen work at Portman Preserve, restoration can take a lot of different forms. How we judge success can be challenging to define. Regardless of the outcomes, the experiences are always educational and engaging. 


Speaker Information: Nate Fuller is the Conservation and Stewardship Director for Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy.  He works with partners and volunteers to develop and implement conservation and restoration projects throughout southwest Michigan.  He is a graduate of Northland College and Western Michigan University with degrees in biology and geography with an emphasis in environmental and resource analysis.  Nate has 20 years of experience working for conservation organizations providing environmental stewardship and education.