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Bee Responses to Habitat Enhancements

Ann Fraser, a Professor of Biology at Kalamazoo College has a PhD in biology from Harvard. Her primary research focus is on the evolutionary ecology of interactions between species, particularly insects and plants. I use chemical, behavioral, physiological and ecological approaches to elucidate factors that influence the establishment and maintenance of these interactions. I am especially interested in understanding how species-specific interactions evolve and the ecological and evolutionary consequences of specialization. It is thought that specialization may enhance rates of speciation, and thus be an important factor contributing to the origin and maintenance of biological diversity. A second arm of her research program involves biodiversity studies of insects. This has included work on ants, general insect diversity, and more recently, native bees. In summer 2008 my lab began a survey of native bees in several natural areas in southwest Michigan and plan to continue this work into the future.