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Catching Up on Invasives and Their Impact - Nate Fuller, Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy

  • People's Church 7510 10th Street North Kalamazoo, MI, 49009 United States (map)

Poisoned tadpoles! Tree seedling suppression. Starved salamanders? These are just a few of the effects invasive plant species can have on our natural areas. Nate Fuller, Conservation & Stewardship Director for Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy, will present on the cascading consequences of invasive plants and the efforts underway to prevent their spread and restore natural communities where they have invaded

The impacts of invasive plant species are far greater than crowding out native species. They can alter soil chemistry, disrupt food webs, and change the foundation of natural communities. Nate’s presentation will explore several examples of how invasive plants are influencing local natural areas. He will also share what invasive plants are new to southwestern Michigan and what to be on the watch for while in the field.

Nate Fuller is the Conservation and Stewardship Director for Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy.  He works with partners and volunteers to develop and implement conservation and restoration projects throughout southwest Michigan.  He is a graduate of Northland College and Western Michigan University with degrees in biology and geography with an emphasis in environmental and resource analysis.  Nate has 20 years of experience working for conservation organizations providing environmental stewardship and education.