Welcome to the Michigan Botanical Club Spring Foray 2013 in West Michigan

May 24-27, 2013

Hosted by the White Pine Chapter at

Calvin College, 3201 Burton St. SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49546




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Our White Pine Chapter (WPC) members have been looking forward to having you visit this part of the State of Michigan here in the central area of West Michigan.  Calvin College is where we will be located and it has excellent rooms, food facilities and an outstanding campus including forests, plants, and wildflowers.  We chose this site as it is by Grand Rapids and is easily accessible for statewide residents.  All of you will be pleased with your opportunity to visit the many interesting botanical areas surrounding Calvin College.

The field trips we have scheduled for you will take you to see areas including sand dunes, prairies, woodlands, savannas, wetlands, bogs, oak openings, and Lake Michigan.  All of our field trips will be led by experts in their field, and all of the field trips are easily reached from Calvin College.  There are three evening programs planned for you with well-known speakers.  Incidentally, most of our field trip leaders and speakers are WPC members.

This part of our state includes wildflowers and trees that are at the southern range of their northern growing pattern.  At the same time, we have southern species of wildflowers and trees growing here at their northern range.  In addition to all those species, we have many disjunct plants-those out of their normal growing range- that have somehow arrived in Western Michigan.  This gives our West Michigan sites a remarkable opportunity for exploring our native plant areas. 

The members of the 2013 MBC State Foray Planning Committee have worked all year to plan and expedite this, our White Pine Chapter's fifth opportunity to host a Spring Foray.  The chairperson has been Jelanie Bush; rooms and board have been directed by Dave Chambers; registration is under the direction of Barbara Lukacs Grob; the food selections are taken care of by Lynne Kinkema and Arlene Obetts; the treasury and participant handbook preparation is under the direction of Bob Riepma, and the keynote speakers and field trips have been selected by Roger Tharp, Dorothy Sibley, and Janet Skeberdis.  Many WPC members deserve thanks for their enthusiastic help in planning this 2013 State Foray for your enjoyment.

We have an excellent field trip schedule planned and three evening speakers selected for you.  On behalf of the White Pine Chapter, I welcome you to West Michigan.

Dorothy A. Sibley, President, White Pine Chapter

General Info

Student Scholarships

Each chapter is responsible for paying the cost of meals and housing and arranging transportation for their sponsored scholarship students. Students should complete and send in their registration form with field trip selections as soon as possible. It is recommended that chapters select their student scholarship recipients by April 15. Chapters wishing to find roommates for their students may contact the registrar.

Michigan Botanical Foundation President Dr. Pam Laureto has sent information on MBF support to the chapter presidents.

Registrar Information

Barbara Lukacs Grob

2508 Meinert Road

Holton MI 49425


Questions? Please email the registrar.

Also visit the MBC website michbotclub.org for updates and additional Foray information.

What to Bring:  Sturdy shoes, boots for wet areas, heavy socks, jeans, shorts, sweaters, jackets, rain-wear, hat, backpack or small duffel bag for field trips, personal water bottle, insect repellent, sun block, soap, etc.

Allergies: If you are allergic to bee or other insect stings, please carry your own prescription epi pen.