2003 Spring Foray - Traverse City

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The 2003 MBC Spring Foray will be held on Memorial Day weekend- Friday May 23rd through Monday May 26, 2003.  The White Pine Chapter will be hosting this event. Participants will stay in the dorms at Northwestern Michigan Community College in Traverse City and will eat in the dining facilities on campus.  

MBC Spring Foray 2003  Registration Form  

Name(s) _____________________________________________________



City __________________  State_________     Zip _________

Phone __________________  Email _____________________

MBC chapter membership: 
        ___HVC  ___RCC ___SEC ___SWC ___WPC ___State ___None

Registration fee  (all participants must pay the registration fee.  It is non-refundable.):

$20.00 per person 

number ______


Dorms – 3 nights

$70 per person  (double occupancy)   



$100 per person (single occupancy)



Meals – 8 meals plus evening snacks

$60.00 per person



Trip to Manitou Island (optional trip)

 $32.00 per person (non-refundable deposit)

 number ______

$ __________

If you are a full-time college or graduate student, your total cost is ½ of your individual cost.  
To qualify for this discount, please include a photocopy of your student ID.

*     Up to two children under age 10 can stay in the same room as parents without additional
room costs, although no additional beds are provided

**   If you stay in the rooms, you must also pay for the meals.  You may, however, sign up
for the meal plan even if you don’t stay in the rooms. 

Make check payable in U.S. funds to:
Michigan Botanical Club – White Pine Chapter

Mail this  form and payment before May 8, 2003 to:

    Bobbi Sabine, MBC Foray
    703 Lake Ave.
    Grand Haven, MI 49417-1715

 *********NO REFUNDS AFTER MAY 12, 2003********** 

Declaration: (each person must sign and date)

I assume all responsibility for my health and safety while on the MBC 2003 spring foray.
Signature(s) and date(s): 




If you have a preference, please name the participant(s) with whom you plan to share a bedroom.