1999 Spring Foray, Grayling

On the 1999 Spring Foray we visited a number of interesting locations around Grayling.   If you have any
photos you would like to contribute, please send them to the webmaster, and they can be added to our

Phyllis Higman, MNFI Botanist, and John Hunt, Environmental Project Manager for Camp Grayling, led a
field trip to a mesic sand prairie on the grounds of Camp Grayling.   We observed prairie dropseed
(Sporobolus heterolepis), Viola novae-angliae,  sand cherries (Prunus pumila), and Houghton's goldenrod
(Solidago houghtonii). 



Phyllis Higman and Woody Ehrle examining a mystery plan (below). 



Later we stopped on North Down River Road to see the Allegheny plum
Prunus alleghaniensis var. davisii (below).



Don and Joyce Drife had us crawling around on our knees looking for grape ferns (below left). 
We found quite a few in an old apple orchard. 



We also found something a little more dangerous (below).